MCP Presents is a full-scale production, promotion and event management company that specializes in large-scale music festivals, concerts and special events.

With over 12 years of experience and multiple yearly events under its control, MCP Presents has become well known and highly respected within the industry.

The company is comprised of young self-made individuals with the goal of producing some of the world's top events.

MCP offers the following services:


MCP Presents specializes in producing world-class events of every size. We can assist you in every aspect of building any event from the ground up. Our team is prepared to assist in any of the following: Music Festivals, Club Shows, Corporate Events, Private Events, and Event Management.

We specialize in coordinating, managing and assisting in sourcing Sound/Stage/Lighting Equipment, Staffing Requirements, Permits and Regulatory Information, Financial Management, Talent Buying and Talent Management, Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Sponsorships, Safety Protocols, Traffic and Ingress/Egress Management, Site Design and Build, CAD Mapping, Site Operations, Rentals, and more.


MCP Presents has promoted over 1000 shows in the U.S. and sold close to a million tickets over 12 years. With this experience, our vast network of partners and extensive knowledge base, we can help make any show a success. Our Marketing Team can assist in the following: Budget Creation and Management, Creative Conceptualizations, Branding and Logo Design, Street Team Management, College Outreach Programs, Guerilla Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy and Implementation, Interactive Promotions and Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Partnerships, Sponsorship Integration, Press Relations and Outreach, Physical Advertising Buys, Online Advertising Campaigns, PPC Advertisement Campaign Management including (but not limited to): Retargeting Campaigns, Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads, and more.


With over 12 years of experience in managing events, MCP Presents can help you streamline every aspect of your event. This can include (but is not limited to) providing further assistance with Merchant Accounts, Creative Development (including Logo, Branding, and Web Design), Event Production, Promotional Plans, Marketing Plans, Operational Management, Hospitality Management, Event Staffing, Security Services, Sponsorship Decks, Talent Buying, Organizational Assistance, Merchandising Programs, Financial Management, and more.

We are also prepared to offer consultation for your specific ticketing and front gate solution needs.  This can include (but not limited to) providing further assistant with Merchant Accounts, Online-Secured Ticketing Sites, Ticket Printing, Distribution and Shipping, Onsite Ticket solutions, Tollbooths, Box Office, Ticket Purchasing, and more.  Our local partner specializes in RFID Ticket fulfillment, on demand ticket printing as well as other printing services associated with your event.

If you are interested in taking your event to the next level feel free to contact us.